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Best Builder Award- People's Choice


Donald Gardner National Best Home Award


USGA Best Contractor Award


Andrew Bystry: 40 Best Under 40 Years Old in the US Construction Industry Award. Click Here

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Award-winning Bystry Construction specializes in higher-end new home custom construction and designs. Our niche is quality, energy efficiency and uniqueness. We thrive on successfully marring beautiful designs, functionality, quality and our client’s dreams.


We build our custom homes around Cleveland TN – Knoxville TN.


Ready, willing, and able (financially qualified) clients


Every project includes: expert consulting, preconstruction design and planning, custom 3D computer visualization, value engineering, construction management and supervision, cost management/purchasing, energy certification and inspections, post-construction warranty service and access to network of trusted subs.

We are an Official Energy Star partner. We are licensed, insured and highly trained professionals. Honest, reliable, professional and courteous. We build unique custom homes that you fall in love with not just settle for!


If you're building- you have a choice: Put up one of those style less, inefficient and "slapped together homes, OR build a custom masterpiece thoughtfully designed, well-crafted & energy efficient; Home you will be proud to live in! Built by an Award Winning Company.

Our Mission Statement:

We strive to create a unique and satisfying custom construction and design experience by providing biblically based, common sense, and honest alternative to what customers are used to in construction industry. Our work allows us an incredible opportunity to do what we love while ministering to everyone who we work with. We serve God by serving others.



QUESTIONSBYSTRY Construction Inc.Other
Do you offer a written warranty on your work? Do you provide company clients, bank officers and trade references?Please check into our post-construction service records and references. We always provide a written warranty along with a well-detailed owner’s manual.?
Does your company have a legit business? If not, they are working out of the back of a truck, and may not be there to honor warranty issues.We are a well-established and Award-Winning company. A proud member of NAHB, Energy Star, USGBC, R...?
Do you carry at least $1million General Liability and Worker Compensation Insurance? Ask their insurance company send the certificate directly to your home.We carry General Liability and Workers Compensation Insurances with 2 million+ in coverage limits.?
Do you employ and understand VALUE Engineering and GREEN Principles to save me money and insure a good quality of my life and lower cost of ownership?We are an official energy star partner. We employ energy inspections, HERS audits and value engineering for all of our homes.?
Do you clearly state your fees and payment schedule? Do you provide professional and guaranteed estimates and schedules?Always. Our estimates and schedules are among the best in the industry. Our schedules and estimates include 100+ critical processes.?
Do you offer design services and assistance? Do you understand design? Do you provide 3D virtual designs?We handle it all. Our services include: Design, planning, construction management, quality control, and warranty.?
Have you been operating this business successfully for at least 5 years? Have you done this type of project before? Do not let them use you as a “guinea pig”We have been successfully creating new homes for our clients since 2005. We are the winners of several construction, design and business achievement awards.?
Are you financially stable? Ask for a credit check. Do NOT let a broke contractor BREAK you!We have a perfect financial track record with a $0 dept.?
Are you properly licensed? Do you have sufficient licenses and monetary limits? The State establishes monetary limits based on the financials of the contractor.We have a BC-A, B, $1,500,000.00 Tennessee license and other certifications.?
How do you communicate and follow up with your clients?We diligently communicate with homeowners via meetings, updates, reports, and exchange servers.?

Shop For Quality and Value. When examining a home, look at the quality of the construction features. Inspect structural integrity, cabinetry, carpeting, trim work, and paint. Ask a builder a lot of questions. Get as many specifics as possible. Take notes. What seems like an insignificant question might yield an important answer. Many ”Good All Boys” can be scary to have in your home, and their subs can be downright horrifying. An established contractor will have long-term relationships with workmen.

We help each client thoroughly explore the possibilities, in both design and detail. From site selection

For nearly ten years, Bystry Construction has been creating some of the most outstanding new homes in South East Tennessee. These homes feature traditional, timeless architecture, modern amenities and a level of craftsmanship that has solidified Bystry Construction's reputation as one of the country's most respected builders.

Andrew Bystry has been named one of the America's Best Builders under of age of 40 by the National Association of Home Builders and Builder Magazine

Though many customers want to employ BYSTRY Inc., we are not right for everyone, and we may not be right for you. But if you are looking for a builder who creates custom designs, uses master craftsmen and quality building materials, has experience, knowledge, education and guarantees your satisfaction, then we invite you to contact us.

Client Bill of Rights

  • Phone calls returned in a timely manner.
  • The attention of trained and knowledgeable personnel.
  • A fully certified General Contractor.
  • Energy star in energy efficiency
  • Continuous General Liability and Workers Compensation insurance and certificates.
  • Timely response with estimates, construction documentation and answers to your questions.
  • Full explanation of the process, from start to finish.
  • Detailed specifications, reasonable allowance budgets and a clearly defined billing system.
  • A well-documented agreement specifying all legal details.
  • All necessary permits for your project.
  • Professional conduct by all project personnel.
  • Protection and security for your home during the construction.
  • An accurate schedule for the completion of your project.
  • To exceed the national remodeling and construction standard and provide a solid warranty for quality assurance.

Andrew Bystry, president- GC, BC-A, BC-B, R, Energy Star.

Degrees: design, engineering, international marketing and business finance.

Awarded 40 Best Under 40 Years Old in the US Construction Industry Award.

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