Jackson Mountain Retreat


Lower floor heated: 0
Main floor heated: 2055
Upper floor heated: 1108
Total conditioned: 3163


BONUS storage: 765.5
Front Porch: 200
Back Porch: 445
Side porch: 190
Garage: 591
Storage: 0
Unfinished basement: 0
Total non-conditioned: 2191.5

Total non-conditioned: 5354.5

House Details:

Immaculate exterior & interior design featuring stone, brick, unique designer shapes, arches, stamped concrete, lime stone mantels, granite counter tops, custom cabinets, supreme stainless steel appliances, beautiful hardwood flooring & tile, high ceilings, foam insulation and plenty more!


PLANS Elevations

Floor Plan

Photographs of homes may show modifications to the original blueprints made at a customer's request.
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