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Custom Construction





Dreams Discover Do


    WHAT DO WE DO? Award winning Bystry Construction Inc. specializes in custom construction and designs. Our niche is value engineering, energy efficiency and successfully marring beautiful designs, functionality, quality construction and budgets.

   WHERE DO WE DO IT? 60 min radius around Madisonville TN: Tellico Village, Rarity Bay, Monroe, Blount, Knox, Loudon, McMinn, Rhone, Rhea, Knoxville, Hamilton counties.

   WHO DO WE DO IT FOR? Ready, willing and able (financially qualified) clients.

   HOW DO WE DO IT? Every project includes:  expert consulting, preconstruction design and planning, custom 3D computer visualization, value engineering, construction management and supervision, cost management/purchasing, energy certification and inspections, post construction warranty service and access to network of trusted subs. We are an Official Energy Star partner. We are licensed, insured and highly trained professionals. Honest, Reliable, Professional and Courteous.  We build affordable homes that you fall in love with not just settle for!

We offer 3 custom construction options:

1. Bystry Inc. constructs using clients' or any architect's blue prints and designs.

 2. Bystry Inc. can design your home (*Free designs available with Contract).

 3. Clients can CHOOSE from one of previously built plans.

We use Building 3D Modeling. Every home is designed in full 3D.  3D BIM can identify potential construction and design issues and solve them before the start of construction. It saves time, money and aggravation.


3D Design


Picture As Constructed



You will be able to see your home as if it was already built, before actual construction begins.  Walk around, open doors, park vehicles, arrange furniture, change colors and finishes; even move walls and windows !!!


3D Design


Picture As Constructed


3D design approach saves money time and provides a piece of mind for homeowners and contractors.


3D Design


Picture As Constructed







BYSTRY Construction Inc.


Do you offer a written warranty on your work? Do you provide company clients, bank officers and trade references?

Please check into our post construction service records and references. We always provide a written warranty along with a well-detailed owner’s manual.


Does your company have a legit business? If not, they are working out of the back of a truck, and may not be there to honor warranty issues.

We are a well-established and award winning company. A proud member of NAHB, Energy Star, USGBC, R…


Do you carry at least $1million General Liability and Worker Compensation Insurance? Ask their insurance company send the certificate directly to your home.

We carry General Liability and Workers Compensation Insurances with 2 million+ in coverage limits.


Do you employ and understand VALUE Engineering and GREEN Principles to save me money and insure a good quality of my life and lower cost of ownership? 

We are an official energy star partner. We employ energy inspections, HERS audits and value engineering for all of our homes.  


Do you clearly state your fees and payment schedule? Do you provide professional and guaranteed estimates and schedules?

Always. Our estimates and schedules are among the best in the industry. Our schedules and estimates include 100+ critical processes.


Do you offer design services and assistance? Do you understand design? Do you provide 3D virtual designs?

We handle it all. Our services include: Design, planning, construction management, quality control and warranty.


Have you been operating this business successfully for at least 5 years? Have you done this type of project before? Do not let them use you as a “guinea pig”

We have been successfully creating new homes for our clients since 2005 .We are the winners of several construction, design and business achievement awards.


Are you financially stable? Ask for a credit check. Do NOT let a broke contractor BREAK you!

We have a perfect financial track record with $0 dept.


Are you properly licensed? Do you have sufficient licenses and monetary limits? The State establishes monetary limits based on the financials of the contractor.

We have a BC-A, B, $1,500,000.00 Tennessee license and other certifications.


How do you communicate and follow up with your clients?

We diligently  communicate with homeowners via  meetings, updates, reports and exchange servers.


   Shop For Quality and Value. When examining a home, look at the quality of the construction features. Inspect structural integrity, cabinetry, carpeting, trim work, and paint. Ask a builder a lot of questions. Get as many specifics as possible. Take notes. What seems like an insignificant question might yield an important answer. Many “Good All Boys” can be scary to have in your home, and their subs can be downright horrifying.  An established contractor will have long-term relationships with workmen.  




Building a BYSTRY home is a unique and exciting experience. We pride ourselves on understanding customers better than any other homebuilder. From personalizing your new home's design to selecting the finishing touches, everything we do is Built Around You. It's the philosophy our company was founded on — and why BYSTRY is the best choice you can make for your new home.

   Our unique approach makes the homebuilding experience exciting and memorable. We see it as an opportunity for you to discover what really makes your family tick — how you work, play, and live. Every step of the way we'll be there for you, making it easy — even fun — to build a home that's perfect for your lifestyle

   The feeling of satisfaction resonates among our homeowners because we continuously demonstrate that we share the homeowner’s goals of quality, individuality and livability giving them the confidence to relax and enjoy being involved in the creation of their new Dream home!


Tellico Village, TN, Top Custom Home Builder, General Contractor, Loudon TN, Rarity Bay, TN Quality Custom Home Construction in East Tennessee. Energy Star, Green, Conventional and Log. Knoxville, TN, Maryville, TN, Cleveland, TN, Madisonville, TN, Tellico Plains, TN, Sweetwater, TN, Vonore, TN, Monroe, TN, Blount, TN, Knox, TN, Sevier, TN

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