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Management: Project Manager-Estimator



Office specialist (knowledge and experience in Microsoft Office)

We are always looking for energetic and honest individuals that consistently strive to do their  very best. Apply here:

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   You are responsible for producing remodeling projects on time and within budget. You will manage other employees and subcontractors when they are on your project. This will also include many clerical tasks necessary to document the course of the project. You will be expected to follow company guidelines to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. Your performance is extremely important to the success of this company, as you are the “front line” of contact with the customer.


Specific Duties


1. Conduct yourself in a professional manner at all times. Be a team leader, setting the standard for other employees and subcontractors to follow. Discourage negative morale by offering positive suggestions to all challenges. Be honest and courteous to everyone you come in contact with.

Dress appropriately (company shirt and hat, clean pants, work boots preferred over tennis shoes).

Assure that all others under your direction follow these guidelines.


2. Read, interpret, and update paperwork throughout the course of the project. This shall include the plans and scope of work, budgets, schedules, material purchase orders, subcontractor work orders, daily project logs, timecards, change orders, and other documentation as required. Bring question, discrepancies, and unusual conditions to the attention of the Project Manager as they arise.


3. Develop and maintain a schedule for each and every project. Be sure the project stays on or ahead of schedule. Notify the General Manager if you will have any problem working to the schedule.


4. Understand the scope of the project, and be ready to discuss and implement change orders as they occur. Do not perform additional work without a signed change order.


5. Provide hands-on production of the projects from start to finish. This will include, but is not limited to: demolition and tear-out, foundation layout, framing and structure formation, siding and exterior trim, decks and porches, window and exterior door installation, roofing and flashing, interior millwork and doors, cabinet installation, wood flooring installation, hardware installation, appliance installation, and final detailing/cleanup. You may also occasionally be required to perform the following tasks on an as-needed basis: minor electrical work, minor plumbing work, minor ductwork repairs/modifications, installation of fiberglass batt insulation, drywall repairs, priming and painting, ceramic tile installation, carpeting, vinyl flooring installation, and other tasks as needed to complete the project.


6. Participate in pre-bid meetings with the General Project Manager, Salesperson, and Subcontractors as requested. The purpose of this meeting is to review the project before commitments are made, allowing management to prepare an accurate estimate and scope of work.

7. Participate in the pre-construction meeting with the Customer, General Project Manager, and Salesperson.

The purpose of this meeting is to review the project and establish the ground rules for customer responsibilities and expectations.


8. Participate in ongoing project meetings with the owner, General Project Manager, and Salespeople as needed. The purpose of these meetings is to assure the flow of information to all parties involved.


9. Communicate with the General Project Manager, updating him on the project status and notifying him of any changes and/or discrepancies.


10. Place a company sign in a visible location. Clean the sign as needed, maintaining the best company image throughout the project.


11. Insure that all required inspections are performed. Order and coordinate all inspections with the local building inspector.


12. Manage subcontractors on your project. Work with the General Project Manager to assist in selecting the proper subcontractors. Schedule all subcontractors to fit the project schedule. Manage expectations by outlining on-site policies such as the work schedule and daily clean up.

Supervise subcontractors to assure that the work is being completed correctly. Review weekly subcontractor draws and approve those draw requests based work-in-place. Immediately notify the General Project Manager of discrepancies and problems.


13. Manage carpenters and laborers on your project. Work with the General Project Manager to schedule additional help on your project at critical times. Manage and expedite the carpenters and laborers assigned to you by: assigning tasks with associated timelines, outlining your expectations, and checking their results. Review timecards submitted on your project for accuracy.


14. Order all standard in-stock materials. The General Project Manager will order all special order materials. Create a take-off of all other needed materials and place the order in a timely fashion, allowing the vendor to deliver the items ahead of your work schedule. Receive and verify all deliveries, comparing the type and quantity of materials shipped against the original shipping ticket.

Minimize trips to the vendor by planning your project well in advance.


15. Make sure that all employees and subcontractors follow company guidelines for safety. Inspect and maintain all tools, scaffolding, and equipment to OSHA standards.


16. Maintain the project in a neat orderly fashion. Install and maintain adequate dust protection throughout the project. Use paint tarps and plastic to cover and protect all existing finishes.

Provide weather-tight protection throughout structure formation phases. Stack and maintain all materials in a designated area. Broom-clean the site daily. Remove construction debris as early as feasible. Lock and secure the premises at the end of each day before leaving.


17. Respect the customer and their property. Make sure that all employees and subcontractors: do not use any of their belongings including equipment and tools, phone, or cleaning supplies, do not smoke in their home, and do not play loud and offensive music.


18. Act as customer liaison throughout the project. You will be the primary contact for the customer throughout the project. Speak knowledgeably and honestly with the customer. Maintain written communications in the daily project log. Provide solutions to their questions, soliciting help from the Project Manager when needed. Provide the customer with your phone numbers and be available after-hours, should an emergency arise.


19. Collect payment for services rendered. Deliver customer invoices prepared by the Project Manager. Receive payments and deliver to the Project Manager for collection.


20. Participate in company meetings and training sessions.



Position Requirements

Task/Detail oriented.

Self motivated and highly organized.

The ability to interact and communicate well with other employees, subcontractors, and customers.

Ability to perform physically demanding work on a consistent basis.

Must be available for extended work hours as required.

A minimum of six years Carpentry Experience.

Extensive rough carpentry including layout knowledge of foundations, rafters and stairs.

Extensive finish carpentry including trim, cabinetry installation, and interior finishes.

Good working knowledge of all related building trades.

The ability to lead and teach other carpenters working under you.

Tennessee Drivers License and good driving record.


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